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commercial cleaning arlington heights in the office including moping the floor
24 Oct
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What is Commercial Cleaning?

There are 3 main types of cleaning services: Domestic or residential cleaning, commercial cleaning and janitorial services. Commercial cleaning is cleaning that is performed by professional cleaners who are hired by a business company or organization. For example, hotels, offices and leisure centers.


  1. Why is commercial cleaning so crucial for a business?
  2. What does a commercial cleaning involve and how does it differ from a domestic cleaning?
  3. What’s endangering your health in a run-down office?


Commercial Cleaning Definition

Commercial cleaning services essentially provide cleaning for businesses, including offices, retail outlets, restaurants, factories, and more. A commercial cleaning service is part of facility management, and the type of commercial cleaning carried out depends on the individual contract cleaning company.


Commercial Cleaning Services Are Crucial For Today’s Businesses

Commercial cleaning services deal with all non-residential cleaning needs, therefore it is no surprise that there are many types of commercial cleaning services. Ranging from vacuuming offices to handling hazardous waste. Commercial cleaners work in industry and business and can deal with additional cleaning processes that are not needed in homes. Professional commercial cleaners are often experts for a particular type of industry, or specific premises like medical facilities or food factories and are often highly qualified in different cleaning standards and methods compared to those in residential services.


Types Of Commercial Cleaning

There are many different types of commercial cleaning, so some professionals are specialists in specific types. The following is a list of the main types of commercial cleaning services.


  • Hotel housekeeping – this cleaning service keeps hotels spic and span and includes: hotel rooms, corridors and other facilities that may experience high traffic.
  • Office cleaning – this cleaning keeps office spaces clean and tidy and helps boost productivity in the workplace.
  • Medical facility cleaning – this type of cleaning service is very important as medical facilities are high-traffic areas that are exposed to several bacteria and other microorganisms. Cleaners need to be specifically trained.
  • Sports and leisure cleaning – this includes the sanitisation of equipment, changing rooms and swimming pools which must follow strict hygiene criteria.
  • Ventilation cleaning – this service maintains vents and extraction units to prevent dust and debris from piling up over time and posing a threat to people’s health.
  • Window cleaning – ensures that buildings look professional inside and out as well as offering employees good visibility.

These cleaning services will typically involve routine and general cleaning using a variety of commercial cleaning products, chemicals and techniques.


Corporate Office Cleaning Services

Business cleaning and office cleaning services are the commercial cleaning services most similar to domestic cleaning. Office cleaning in particular often involves workplaces that resemble the materials and furniture of domestic homes. The cleaning methods used and products are often the same or very similar. Office kitchens and bathrooms are the same as domestic kitchens and bathrooms, except they have much higher traffic!

Office cleaning and business cleaning involve washing carpets, cleaning and sanitizing workstations and desktops, steam cleaning furniture, and disinfecting kitchens and bathrooms, regularly. Deep cleaning can also take place periodically. This includes: washing down walls sanitizing hard-to-reach surfaces, and carpet cleaning. Depending on the usage of the building specialist commercial cleaning services may be needed. Commercial floor cleaning needs heavy-duty equipment as the carpets and floors have a lot of high traffic and there is often wear and tear.

Commercial office cleaners often work either before work starts or after the word day is finished to keep disruption of the employees to a minimum.


Why Is Commercial Cleaning So Important?

No matter what business you’re in, keeping your buildings clean is incredibly important for health and safety reasons, as well as making a good first impression on visitors and potential customers. Having a clean office or building relieves pressure and takes responsibility away from management and staff members. Having staff members clean is not an ideal situation.


Motivation And Productivity Of Staff 

Research has shown that a clean organized environment enhances the motivation, productivity and focus of employees. Whereas dirty, disorganized offices tend to distract employees and reduce their motivation for work.


Maintains Properties And Gives a Longer Life to Furnishings

Commercial cleaners will ensure that your buildings are clean, hygienic and safe. Regular cleaning of the furnishings and carpets of the building reduces the chances of spills and stains and helps to maintain the life of the furnishing.


The Cleanliness Of Your Buildings Reflect Your Business

A clean, organized environment has a large impact on the first impression your business makes on visitors and potential clients. Dirty messy businesses are unlikely to have any sort of positive impression on potential clients and in fact, may lead to the loss of existing clientele.


wet floor in a cleaned office by one of the local commercial cleaning companies


It’s Essential For Health And Safety 

Accumulations of dust and dirt and expired consumables are likely to attract unwanted visitors like cockroaches, spiders and other bugs will lead to mold growth and is also dangerous for human health. Dust and dirt accumulation will also contain allergens, which will affect asthma sufferers and people with allergies. There will also be many microorganisms within the dirt which can lead to viral and bacterial infection. Commercial cleaners have a very important role to play in keeping employees and visitors healthy.


Specialist Commercial Cleaners 

Many specialist industries need specialist commercial cleaners. These industries have a specific set of cleaning regulations and also specific cleaning solutions that may be hazardous to users.


  • Hazmat

Hazardous materials can be anything from used needles in a doctor’s office to nuclear waste at a power plant. Industries and premises that frequently deal with hazardous materials must have their own cleaning and hygiene protocols that are followed by highly trained commercial cleaners. This keeps everybody safe and ensures the proper disposal of any biohazards or other dangerous substances.


  • Hygiene Standards

Food processing plants, kitchens, and medical facilities are just a few commercial settings that are governed by specific hygiene regulations. To protect the workers inside those locations, and the general public who enter them or come into contact with their products, it’s important these premises are cleaned by specialists who understand the regulations they need to follow. This may include using specific cleaning solutions or following exacting protocols at all times.

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